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6 PM onwards, 30th  March 2018

Gayana Samaja, K R Road, Bengaluru


Laasya Academy of Dance of Vid.Dr.Lakshmi Rekha Arun and Shantala Arts trust of Vid.Pulikeshi Kasthuri are jointly producing a dance ballet : "Aalwar Darshanam".

The first show is scheduled for 30th March 2018 in aid of –SriVaishnava Seva Samiti's fund raising event for construction of Sri Ramanuja Samudaya Bhavana in the village of Jaathawara, Kolar district to help the needy villagers around the district. 


Aalwar literally means one who has immersed oneself to the depths of Bhakthi.

The 12 Aalwars who have remained pillars of Srivaishnava philosophy are the eternal companions of Lord Vishnu (Nitya Suris). 

Their births, eclectic backgrounds, their lives are a perfect testimony to the lord's kindness and his word that every soul is destined and eligible to reach his lotus feet, surrender to his lotus feet being the best path.


The ballet showcases their early lives, the way they were guided in to the path of Vishnu Bhakthi and culminating in the crescendo of experiencing the lord's affection.


Selected pashurams/hymns sung by these Aalwars that comprise the ‘nalaayira divyaprabhandam’ are incorporated in to the ballet, script and screenplay of which is by Sri.Arun Talkad under the guidance and approval of Jeeyar swamy of Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt, Bangalore. The lyrical adaptation is by Dr.Na.Geetacharya, professor, Sheshadripuram college.


Venue: Bengaluru Gayana Samaja

Date: 30th March 

Time: 6 pm onwards 

Rs. 1000 /-

within india

outside india


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*  Please ensure you enter a valid email address while making the payment. Link to the webcast with a password will be emailed to the same 4 hours prior to the event.

*  For any queries / concerns please call +91 9886887106  |  +91 9964900111


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